Reservation Policy

We do not take reservations or offer call ahead seating. Guests are seated on a first come, first serve basis. Your entire party must be present to be seated. We use a mobile phone based waiting system that is effective and fast.

Why don’t we take reservations? Because it adds on average 15% to the price of your meal and reduces the number of guests who we can meet, greet and serve good food too. We value your time and your money and do all that we can to respect both.

If you are determined and can’t stand a wait we recommend arriving promptly at or before 5pm. Regardless of when you arrive, if there’s a wait please check in and then enjoy a cool drink from our bar and explore the patio or take a stroll to the beach. You will receive an automated text when your table is ready.

Waiting System

When you arrive The Host/Hostess will happily take your name and phone number and enter you into our seating system. Your phone number is used solely to call or text you when your table is ready. Once we contact you, there is a 5 minute window to be at the restaurant for seating.

Our Host/Hostess will give you an estimated wait time when you are entered into the system. Most of the time our estimates are pretty accurate but there are occasions when a party may opt for that second round of cocktails or dessert and we do not “rush” our guests dining experience. Bottom line is we appreciate your time and patronage and will strive to make the wait times as short as possible.

Large Party Policy

We enjoy a good party with friends as much as anyone, however, the size of our dining room is limited. The largest party that we can accommodate at a single table is 12. Parties larger than 12 guests are welcome but must be split into smaller groups at separate tables. We do our best to keep the groups near one another but if there are more than 25 guests the odds are good that they will be spread out throughout the the restaurant. Your chances of seating in the same area is greatly improved if your entire party arrives at a few minutes before we open at 5:00pm however, no tables are sat until everyone in the party is present. If you have someone you’re excited to sit next to (or not!) please let our Host/Hostess know how to split the seating and we will do our best to accommodate you.